Ninjabread Man

Ninjabread Man 1.0

Only one man can stop this evil army of monster cakes. Ninjabread Man is here!

Ninjabread Man is a platformer from English developer/publisher Data Design Interactive.
Candy Land is under attack! This once sweet and tasty land has been taken over by hordes of snapping Cup Cakes, Angry Bees and Jelly Monsters.

Only one man can stop this evil army of monster cakes. He’s one tough cookie; a guy that won’t crumble under the pressure. ‘Ninjabread Man’ is here!

Main Features :

- Fight your way through strange and dangerous levels to bring back that sweet taste of home back to Candy Land.
- Learn advanced Ninja fighting techniques and build up your weapons to reduce enemies into a quivering pool of Raspberry Jam.
- Throw Ninja stars to stun enemies and then follow up with Ninjabread Man’s mighty samurai sword.
- Every level is filled with enemies bent on the pursuit of power!
- Find all 8 power rods in each level to allow you to teleport to progress to the next level.
- Collect power ups to defeat enemies with greater strength. These power ups increase the power and range of Ninjabread man’s weapons and enhance Ninja skills to jump onto high ledges, dash past enemies.
- Ninjabread Man has 4 modes of play. When the player completes a level and plays it for a second time, you can play a second game mode, ‘Score Pickups’. Complete the level once again in this alternative mode, and the player will unlock ‘Time Attack’ mode. Completing this level unlocks yet another hidden alternative mode the ‘Hidden Pickups!’

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